Horror Legends is an app developed by October Games. Horror Legends was first published on . It is accessible on Steam, Other.Welcome to the world of Horror Legends…Get ready for a wild night…Zombie pumpkins, punk rockers, chainsaws, and killer dolls come together in this player versus player, asymmetrical struggle for survival. Foraging and huntin...

Horror Legends Review

Horror Legends is an application by October Games. Horror Legends was first published on . It is currently available on the following platforms: Steam, Other.

Welcome to the world of Horror Legends…

Get ready for a wild night…
Zombie pumpkins, punk rockers, chainsaws, and killer dolls come together in this player versus player, asymmetrical struggle for survival. Foraging and hunting down objectives or players meet frantic hack and slash combat for a tense game of cat and mouse that builds up to heart-pounding chases and brutal confrontations that support 2- 10 players!

Sneak and stalk your way through distinct handcrafted locales of the Horror Legends world. Take on the role of one of the uniquely murderous and powerful Legends themselves, or a member of the diverse cast of strangers that have happened to find themselves pitted together against the supernatural killers.

Join the Cast

Against all odds, survive.
As a member of the cast you have one ultimate objective, survive. Will you gather up supplies and outwit the Legend long enough to escape their hunt for blood or scavenge for weapons and a means to make a stand against them? There is never only one way to win, and how you will survive is up to you.

Choose from the diverse roster of cast members to escape or end the Legend’s bloodshed. Each cast member boasts unique attributes and possible loadouts. From the slippery Stevie Lint, crafty Kimmy Green, or sturdy Nick Scab, your choices in cast members have a significant impact on how best to approach the match.

Become the Legend

You are the Legend, you are the hunter, and you make the rules…
One player each round will play as the Legend, a powerful supernatural killing machine. From sending minions to overwhelm their prey to hacking victims down with a roaring chainsaw, every Legend has completely different attributes and arsenals of abilities with which to carve through the cast.

The Legend you choose has unique properties that define the nature of the entire nightmare the cast are thrust into. Some boast deep health pools spelling doom for any cast member foolish enough to fight you head-on. Others will rise from the dead eternally unless the cast fulfills objectives unique to the Legend itself. Some may even call their victims to fight by their side as one of their own.

Set the stage for a bloody good time.

Bizarre and mind-bending mazes, claustrophobic corridors, and dark forests await in the array of sprawling handcrafted locales you will lurk through in Horror Legends. Each eerie location promises a distinct experience and even within the same setting, some properties and aspects of the game world will change from one round to the next, keeping the cast and the Legend on their toes.

Progress and Dive in with Fate points!

While playing the game you earn Fate points which can be spent to customize your cast member loadouts, unlock skins, extras, and even comics to explore the lore and story behind Horror Legends itself!

The Lore

Dive deeper into the lore of Horror Legends by earning Fate Points while playing the game. Earn enough and you can unlock a comic book page that can be read in the game's Fate Store. Play the Game, Read the Story!
Issue #0 Punkie Night - 16 pages.
Halloween hasn’t been celebrated for over 10 years in the small farm town of Hudson Meadows, Illinois. However, a group of punks seeking to bring the holiday back from the dead, end up resurrecting something much worse…

Key Features

  • Don’t assume anything : There are many different versions of each map and they are picked randomly every time you play. Never assume items, and objectives are in the same place.
  • Who’s your favorite: With every character comes unique stats and items that can help you survive your first encounter, so choose wisely.
  • Progressing the Story: Unlock comic book pages and read about the game's lore.
  • The Future: The foundation is set and there is a lot to look forward to in the near future. Throughout Horror Legend’s life on early access there will be frequent updates that add more Characters, Maps, Items, and Comic pages! The Game's content as of October 2020

    • Fight AI minions Solo or in Coop during the Cast Pregame mode and earn extra Fate Points!
    • Hunt down AI Partiers and Cops in Legend Pregame and earn extra Fate Points!
    • Fight other Legend players in Legend Pregame.
    • Legend Queue that insures everyone gets a turn to play the supernatural killer.
    • Unlock Skins and Items using Fate Points you've earned in game.
    • 8 Playable Cast Members each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
    • 8 Playable Legends that drastically change how the Cast play the game.

    • Farmhouse
    • Cabin
    • Hedge Maze
    • Dream Realm
    • Salvage Yard
    • More coming soon!

    • Punkie: The pumpkin-head monster.
    • Punkie (Human): The pumpkin-head slasher.
    • The Gourd Horde: Punkie's minions.
    • Killer Keith: The unstoppable undead Slasher.
    • Werewolf: The vicious beast of legend.
    • Psycho Phil: The chainsaw wielding maniac.
    • Corey Sisley: The killer doll.
    • Edith: The Night Terror. (NEW - Added 10/26/20)
    • More coming soon!

    • Nick Scab: The punk with a chip on his shoulder and a heart of gold.
    • Stevie Lint: The over excited beer drinking punk.
    • Angela Crass: The bad girl with attitude.
    • Ryan Steel: The heroic survivor.
    • Sheriff Russell: The grizzled old man.
    • Security Guard Shawn: The straight laced protector.
    • Kimmy Green: The science nerd scaredy cat.
    • Rick Mannings: A stuck up party animal.
    • More coming soon!

    • Baseball Bat
    • Kitchen Knife
    • Switchblade
    • Pitchfork
    • Pistol
    • Shotgun
    • Revolver
    • Stun-Gun
    • Silver Blade
    • Holy Water (NEW - Added 10/26/20)
    • Stink Bomb
    • Beer
    • A variety of Halloween Candy!
    • Science Beeker - Stink Bomb
    • Science Beeker - Freeze Bomb
    • More coming soon!

    • A 16 page comic book
    • Unlock by spending Fate Points

    • Unlock bonus behind the scenes images and concept art.

    Price and game features may change when officially released.

    Note from the Developers.

    Thank you for checking out Horror Legends! We are currently in early access, so expect some of the game's features to be incomplete. You might even encounter the occasional bug. Development is completely funded by game sales so by purchasing this game in its current state you are helping the game grow to reach its true potential.

    Horror Legends is currently multiplayer only, so it maybe hard to find active games as we grow our player-base. I encourage you to join our Discord server which has over 300 people you can connect with. You can also reach out to me personally if you have any questions or concerns about the game. You can find an open invite to our discord server at http://octobergames.com

    All are welcome!

    Thank you!
    October Games Team.